algodón nativo, pima, tangüis

Imagine the Peruvían selva and the northern coastal valleys, where
cotton grows colored and wild. Where the natural pigmentation of the
fibers ranges from white to shades of cream, brown, green and mauve.

Natural color cotton fibers are obtained from rural artisan and Indian farmers
using pre-Columbian techniques to grow naturally pigmented cotton plants
in their small farmyard plots. No dyes, chemicals or other synthetic processes
have been used to grow, soften or color the fibers. The cotton is harvested
manually, colors sorted entirely by hand, and the fiber mill-spun in small
batches. The incredibly soft hand, heathered look and distinctive colors are
achieved not only organically, but naturally in every way. Certified by
Control Union Certifications under the Global Organic Textile Standard
G.O.T.S. 4345/5051. Beautiful fabrics of these wonderful plants
allow us to create the purest fashion possible, fairmade in Peru.




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