Don't go for money - go for your heart


2003 we launched
the eco zona organic transfair project, to create the
purest fashion possible, produced as fair as possible.

We combine nature's work,
with human technology and design, to create our
timeless wellness fashion in an absolutely high quality. 
All stages of production: fibers, fleeces, yarns, fabrics,
couture, labels, hangtags, packaging, etc., are made
in Perú under sustainable and fairtrade conditions.

eco zona organic transfair is a privately financed
project company, based in Bern, Switzerland with
its production office in Lima, Perú. Our Peruvian
production partners are based in Lima, Arequipa,
Colca, Puno, Tarapoto and the Northern coast region.

eco zona does not just make business. Part of our
engagement is to support Peruvian communities and
families, where there's need for help. That's why we

exported 2008 a D90 Swiss quality Hürlimann tractor and 
equipments from Switzerland to Chincha, at the Pacific
coast South of Lima, to support the 'ecochacra' organic
farming project. Or, we helped to finance the reconstruction

of Theresa's home in Salas after the earthquake in 2007.
There she lives with her husband and seven children.

I would like to thank to all the beautiful human beings: 
Aisha, Angela, Annelies, Anny, Astrid, Babs, Bernadette, Birgit
Carla, Carmen, Carolina, Claudia, Cory, Danielle, Denise, Dora
Elsa, Elizabeth, Erda, Erika, Eva, Fausta, Gilda, Giovanna, Hilde
Isabelle, Jane, Jessica, Julia, Katja, Laura, Leyla, Lexxli, Lidia
Lily, Llacori, Marcela Maria Luz, Maren, Maria, Marianne, Marixa
Marlies, Martina, Martita, Mildred, Natalia, Natascha, Nanina
Nina, Patricia, Paula, Rosa Leonor, Rosy, Ruth, Sita, Sonia, Sophia
Sophie, Susanna, Therese, Ulla, Ursula, Verena, Violeta, Wilma
Yvonne, Alex, Anselmo, Benja, Bruno, Camil, Chrigu, Cicco, Coco
Consalvo, Cristobal, Daniel, Dex, Edwin, Felix, Fernando, Flavio
Francisco, François, Friedrich, Fritz, Gabriel, Gerardo, Guido, Hans
Hector, Heinz, Henrry, Hugo, Ivo, Jaja, Javier, Jorge, Jr. James, Jean
Etienne, Juan, Juany, Karlo, Leo, Lucho, Manuel, Marc, Mayu
Nadir, Nico, Nik, Omar, Paul, Percy, Peter, Quico, René, Ricky
Seppu, Tadeo, Teo, Urs, Walter, Wilfredo, Willy, Yeyson ...
who make the eco zona project possible.

It was a complex journey
to get there where we are today, and we are a little bit proud
to welcome you, to enjoy our absolute natural collections for
ladies, men and kids, who come in all ages, colors and shapes.

Sincerely yours,

Sibi Siebenmann
founder, project coordinator

If you have any questions or suggestions,
please do not hesitate to contact us:




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