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flyer '20



SS'17 preview booklet is launched




Discover the new detox collection




Nov. 13

7man Pro Motion Company creates our ad-campaign SS 14.





Nov. 11

Sublime Magazine London, the first international sustainable

lifestyle magazine, presents a shirt from our caribbean collection



August 11

Photo shooting Ladies SS 12

Model: Susanne

Photo: sibi

Location: eco zona showroom



July 11

Photo shooting Men SS 12

Model: Nino

Photo: sibi

Location: eco zona showroom



February 11

We welcome you at the 'in fashion show' on the Praterinsel in Munich 



häppy new 11




July 10

Welcome to 'the ethical fashion show' in Berlin 


Mai 10

Relaunch of the eco zona homepage: .tk


Opening of the 'eco zona showroom' at the Mattenenge in Bern, Switzerland

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April  08

180 km South of Lima, where 2007 earthquake victims not have seen a

Cent of help till today, we help to finance the reconstruction of Theresas

home in Salas, where she lives with her husband and seven children.


Heinz Möri

the Swiss farmer and multi-talented all-rounder arrives at Lima Airport

in order to introduce us to the secrets of the tractor and equipments.


Que bueno !..the D90 Hürlimann tractor and equipment arrives from

Switzerland in Puerto Callao and is transported to the ‘ecoChacra

organic farming project’ at the Pacific coast near Chincha Baja.

March 08

It’s a big pleasure to to meet our fibre producers at the Peruvian Altiplano 

 and Valle de Colca for our production of the video documentation:

‘Nature Color Alpaca & Baby’



Jan. 08

Photo shooting collection’09

Models: Llacori, Nik, Lexxli, Aisha, Leyla, Sophia

Design: Lidia, Susy, sibi

Photo: sibi

Location: eco zona swiss workshop




October 07

We are happy to welcome you at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris

August 07

Annabelle published a ladies sweater from our baby alpaca collection



13.-15. July 07

We are happy to present our preview 08 in Berlin. The 10th PREMIUM is dedicating

a special area, the GREEN AREA to green lifestyle. On show here will be international

collections and brands that have embraced this theme – ethically correct and sustainable

to produce - including, for example, ECOZONA, EMMELINE 4RE, ENTERMODAL




such as the ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE FOUNDATION will also present their work.




June 07

We are welcome from the native farmers for the production of our

’Nature Color Cotton’ video documentation

in San Martin near Tarapoto in the Peruvian Selva.



April 07

Photo shooting preview 08

Models: Rosa Leonor, Pinto, sibi

Photographers: Gerardo, Jorge, sibi

Coordinator: Quico

Driver, Assist: Alex

Locations: Plaza San Martin,

Camarra, San Cristoba, Lima - Perú

Fashion design: Lidia, Cory, sibi

Jewellery: Ricky 



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