algodon nativo

100% nature color cotton


vicuña dark Ne 24/1                                                   café Ne 24/1

avocado/natural Ne 24/1

café/natural Ne 24/1




natural Ne 24/1                                                café Ne 24/1



natural Ne 24+10                                                vicuña Ne 24+10



café Ne 22/2 + 16/1                                                natural Ne 20/2 + 10/1



avocado Ne 20/2 + 20/2



3% copper staple fibers, 

97% organic tangüis cotton jersey Ne 24/1

is a combination of the finest combed organic white tangüis cotton with
pure and natural copperstaple fibers. An intimate blend yielding an incredibly
soft, durable and healthy fabric with both fashion and therapeutic properties
Worn next to the skin, it helps shield the human body against electromagnetic
waves and interferences from electronic devices such as cell phones and
computers. It provides protection from UV radiation, holds body heat,
while the porosity of the fabric allows the circulation of air. 

G.O.T.S. No. 4235/5051 certified.



100% organic pima cotton

light as a feather

natural white jersey Ne 50/1

Its silky soft feel and brilliant luster are a result of
the excellent growing conditions in the Peruvian northern
coastal valleys where it is cultivated and harvested by hand.
Certified by G.O.T.S. No. 4235/5051 and the official
Fairtrade Label Organization FLO No. 4543.



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